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Suitable Suit


On a shopping perspective, it is quite difficult to find a good suit jacket nowadays. To define a good suit will need a few things besides a good fitting and comfy  materials.  Commercial styles for gentleman does have a wider choice selection than women.


Pockets - of Life:  Besides the two on the side, I always opt for the inside pocket. Even in the last decade you may only find these in luxury brands especially for females. This is the most important thing learnt from the ladies of my family.  Convenience is key.


Inner Lining: The best creative lining so far would be Paul Smith. While due to pandemic my best Paul Smith bad been sleeping in my closet, latest wear found it seems a bit tight or just the reliance on Zoom online meetings.  Anywho I searched for latest designs from the brand and I found they have pretty much standardised the lining design in pattens and colours so… yet still love the glam when u take it off and the wow factor.

My Favourites

The craftsmenship is extroardinary and is definitely well worth it for a timeless wardrobe piece.

This is a playful versatile suit for ladies and you may always find some details quite make your day.

This is not a sponsored post. Genuine comments.

Buttons and Pockets
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