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Inflating Spends

Hong Kong

Im sure most is experiencing heighten bills while the end of month salary does not seem to increase? Well, for Hong Kong-ers I presume the inflation aren't too surprising since essential items had been rising since last year (thanks to the pandemic and how the city depend on one country for its supplies).  With typhoons your greens also are more expensive.  Anywho, I had been trying to streamline my spending after a few months of unemployment (or refinding my soul). So here it is:

1) Coffee is a must!

I use to enjoy the very expensive coffee at Landmark in Central.  I have seen it increase prices since a decade ago, I streamlined to an Americano which was the cheapest on the menu - from then on I stick with "black coffee" given milk is a luxury for me - this still makes a HKD40-50.  Although I still able to find some lower spending here and there plus I have a coffee machine at home for lazy days on the couch.  However, I am very much against the idea to downsize the spending to skip the very important coffee!

2) Points Redemption

Given residents in this area cannot freely travel it means the Asia Miles are getting expired real soon.  I have redeemed some must haves - coffee beans as well as some add on items like headphones (to stop the next door renovation noise - while staying at home to vegetate).

3) Books from Library

I am a book worm and need new ideas constantly.  I cannot go without books or ebooks.  Given the books take up space as well as cash, I have been utilising the library a lot.  It is sad that the library stock less and less new titles but still enough for my small brain to develop.  I still prefer brand new books but with a budget constraint - anything will do!  

Feel free to reply with your ideas! I will constantly updating this post as time goes.

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