Dear all, I hope you all liked my blog so far! This is just a little note about me & this blog!
I am starting this blog to share a hybrid of ideas including architecture, design, healthy , fashion and beauty aspirations. To share a little bit on my background, I was brought up with Hong Kong as well as Sydney culture - you may say this is the root of a hybrid culture.  I luv different culture and are very much open to new ideas!  
The reason for this blog, to share all the love in this world.  I would like to share what I see, what I love, what I am wearing, what I buy, what I eat with all of you!  I set up this blog all by myself, one man band!  This is like a baby to me and I hope you are liking all this from moi!
Feel free to message me for anything! Like me on Facebook, add me on twitter/instagram/pinterest. Luv you all.


About Me